Amazon PPC Intuition

I'm here to teach other Amazon Sellers how to gain PPC intuition so they can make more informed decisions on their own.

Course Overview and Outline

YouTube Feedback

I am grateful I found your page. There are so many Amazon PPC campaigns targeting novice sellers that repeat the same mundane information. You're the only information source I've found offering advanced tactics and real-world examples for us seasoned sellers. Thank you for providing such great value, keep the videos coming brotha!

Tony Samaniego

Well, that's something that I haven't seen before!!! So useful!
Well done!!!

Martim Mart

I think you are the most logical and informative person on YouTube! I’ll be following your advise going forward!

Koji Tsurumi

Finally somebody explaining "out of the box" strategies

Rafael Moreno

I implemented some of the auto tactics and it is working nice, your videos are helpful! I go through tons of other videos and drop them within 1 minute, you talk clearly and are easy to understand and follow.

Lali V