Hands on PPC Management

No contracts, no algorithms, just manual PPC management and advanced Amazon insights

With every account I charge a custom monthly price based on your ad spend and number of products. I have multiple clients on a commission model and have been helping them grow for years. Although most clients are on a flat rate.

Working on PPC full time for 5 years I know things don't always work out the way you want them to. I react to real time data and prioritize inventory and profit over everything else.

I designed my PPC course and youtube videos to help teach smaller sellers. With my own clients I always tell them what I am doing and why to keep them in the loop and continue to learn PPC.

Transparency and Trust

After watching my YouTube videos you can see how open I am with everything that I do. As I become a part of your business I help you to grow in anyway that I can. Not being an Amazon seller myself I like to be very involved in the brands that I work with.

Most of my clients are coming to me after having worked with big marketing firms. But relationships are everything, so lets touch base to see if we would be a good fit!

About Me

I’m a digital nomad which means I travel the world with my laptop and live a minimalist lifestyle.  I work full time from Airbnb's.  My time zone is constantly changing but my clients always enjoy hearing about my travels on our weekly phone calls before diving into Amazon data!